Learning Journey Berlin

This summer, the “Learning Journey Berlin – beyond the wall of poverty” will take place as a collaboration experience of Pioneers of Change, AIESEC alumni, KaosPilots, Hub Berlin, Hub Brussels, and Hub Cairo.

“Learning Journey Berlin provides an interactive platform for learning, networking and exchanging ideas around how social businesses contribute to reducing poverty.”

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What is a Learning Journey?

A learning journey is about creating an experience – through a physical journey that is also a real journey into other mindsets – that enables participants to develop and improve their practice as change agents. The Pioneers of Change learning journeys support a process whereby participants are exposed to a different practice or perspective and are supported in their re-integration and development of critical consciousness in understanding that different practice or perspective. The aim of a learning journey is to provide a deep learning experience on a specific theme or practice, facilitate connections with others who share an interest in the theme and enable participants to put ideas into practice upon return to his/her country, community or place of work.

The idea behind this Learning Journey

The Learning Journey Berlin provides a platform for learning, networking and the exchange of ideas all around the topic of fighting poverty via social businesses. It will take the participants to places, people and organizations that have found innovative and entrepreneurial ways of combating inequality in access to resources as well as ways to open up opportunities to people from less fortunate social backgrounds.

In a series of field trips around this core topic we will discover more about what poverty is, what social business means and what kind of ideas exist in the world of social business. We will analyze whether they work or not, and try to extract knowledge that we can to implement in our own projects.

Besides these field trips the Learning Journey Berlin will be based on a very strong learning environment for the group of participants: they will have the chance to work together, learn from each other, share ideas, networks, fears, experiences, etc, and also, we hope the group will remain in close contact after the event, providing a helping hand to one another in implementing their ideas.

The hosting team (Bieke, Sascha, Simone, Trent, Ulrike, and Viktoria) is looking forward to your collaboration!

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